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Kuyo Murasaki Shoyu

 39 btw incl.

  • Brewery: Marushinhonke
  • Ingredients: Water, Kinzanji miso tamari (rice, barley, soybean, cucumber, eggplant, sugar, starch syrup, salt, ginger, shiso perilla leaf), soybeans, wheat, salt, alcohol.
  • Net: 720 ml
  • Shelf life: 1 year
  • Food: Nice to substitute salt, great as a supplement to stock, stews, caramelisations, marinades,…

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After our visit to their brewery last year, we fell in love with their artisan soy. It is said that the origin of soy sauce was the liquid found and removed from the fermentation vats in the process of making Kinzanji miso. Kinzanji miso is a traditional dish with soybeans, barley, rice, sugar, salt and some vegetables such as eggplant, cucumber, ginger and the Japanese herb shiso (perilla or steak leaf). It is good to eat with steamed rice and vegetable sticks. “Tamaru” means to collect or to urinate, so the liquid that comes from Kinzanji miso is called “tamari”. It is a thick liquid with an excellent taste of the vegetable extract. People started using the tamari liquid and then tried to make soy sauce more efficient without vegetables. Yuasa’s soy sauce companies grew rapidly and shipped soy sauce all over Japan!

They are the only soy sauce manufacturer that still makes soy sauce with Kinzanji tamari, which makes up about 3% by weight of our Kinzanji miso. It has a low salt content, a thick color and a deep flavor, and is popular for sashimi. It has been awarded the Grand Gold Medal at the Monde Selection for 10 consecutive years since 2006.

This beautiful soy sauce will be delivered in a separate box.

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