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飯 店


Simplicity is the first step of nature and the last of art.

At Dim Dining you will spend time in a simple, sophisticated decor that we have deliberately created. On the one hand as a nod to Japanese simplicity, on the other hand to place the focus on our Asian-Western dishes.

DIM Dining offers an intimate and memorable dining experience that blends Asian culinary with Western-inspired flavours.

OMAKASE – few culinary experiences are so unique in their simplicity

The Japanese tradition of serving an ‘Omakase’ menu goes back to purity.

You give our Chef the creative freedom to serve you an unforgettable culinary meal according to his taste. Omakase therefore literally means ‘I leave the choice to you’.

At Dim Dining you can taste dishes using only the freshest and unique ingredients appropriate to the season.


Our own chopsticks, pure ingredients and tailor-made sake make lunch & dinner unique.

In every dish we strive for a harmonious balance between Japanese-Western values, beautiful presentation and pure flavors.



Unforgettable dining,
that is DIM Dining