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Junmai Genshu – Ninki

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  • Brewery: Ninki Shuzo
  • Prefecture: Fukushima
  • Type: Junmai Genshu
  • Alc.: 11 %
  • SMV: -18
  • Acidity: 2.2
  • Rice: Local Rice
  • Polishing ratio: 50%
  • Yeast: /
  • Amino Acidity: 1.1
  • Serve temperature: 10 – 16° C
  • Foodpairing: Cold: sashimi, fried octopus, Sushi
  • Net: 720ml

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This traditional brewery operates with a young spirit and produces only super premium sake (Ginjo). The name ‘Ninki’ means ‘favourite’ and is an indication of the sake maker’s aspiration. The region has lots of snow in winter and produce a very clear and clean sake. The small brewery is located in Fukushima after the disaster in 2011, there and the other 62 breweries export market collapsed and are now building up again.

In addition, they create ‘Elegant and sophisticated Shōchū’, that only can be made in Tohoku in the months when they don’t brew sake. They are particular about ingredients such as barley, wheat, soba, and sake and store only in Tohoku.

This beautiful Junmai Genshu sake without being bound by history or ambition is one of their creations.

Junmai ‘Daiginjo’ classification with a Genshu term ( Not diluted ), finished at 11% alcohol level with aroma’s of white peach, grapes, cucumber.

Very light in body with an elegant and slightly sweet finish.

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