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Shiro Shibori Shoyu

 36 btw incl.

  • Brewery: Marushinhonke
  • Ingredients: water, barley, soybeans, salt.
  • Net: 720 ml
  • Shelf life: 1 year
  • Food: Not for sushi or sashimi, seasoning for vegetable and meat, good for cooking.


Product details


This light-colored soy sauce without Dashi is very rare even in Japan (less than 1% in the entire soy sauce market). The light color, complex flavor and umami with special manufacturing methods make this soybean product excellent. The soy sauce provides a lot of inspiration and cooking options. This soy sauce is not to pair with sashimi or sushi, but for cooking. Cook some vegetables with it or season some sauces with it.

This soy sauce is a fermented soy sauce made from soybeans, barley and seawater. Normally there are 4 categories of soy sauce depending on production method.

  1. Koykuchi: Made with 50% soy sauce and barley.
  2. Usukuchi: Very popular in Kansai region, it is made with amazake: sweet liquid made out of fermented rice.
  3. Tamari: More similar to the soy sauce introduced from China, richer in taste and mainly made out of soy beans.
  4. Shiro: Mostly made out of barley. Made to make delicate dishes, to add the real taste of soy sauce but not the color. One of the most delicate soy sauce on the market.

This beautiful Shiro soy sauce comes with an exclusive white silky slipcover.

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