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Sparkling Sake – Yama No Kasumi

 59 btw incl.

  • Brewery: Yamanashi Meijo, Hokuto
  • Prefecture: Yamanashi
  • Type: Junmai Nigori Sparkling
  • Alc.: 11%
  • SMV: +1
  • Acidity: 1.5
  • Rice: Yumesansui
  • Polishing ratio: 60%
  • Yeast: N°7
  • Amino Acidity: 1.4
  • Serve temperature: 8-14°C
  • Foodpairing: Aperitif, Oyster, Fruity desserts
  • Net: 720 ml
  • Storage: Cool, dark & upright


Product details


A brand new taste experience challenging the limits of sake.

Yamanashi Meijo Inc.’s Shichiken is brewed in Hakushu, a town in Hokuto city, which means “northern forest.” Located in northern Yamanashi embraced by the majestic Southern Alps with Mt. Fuji gracing the horizon, 80% of Hakushu is untouched forest that is designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Flowing through the forest of Hakushu is the Ojiro River, one of Japan’s top 100 pristine waters that have long been treasured by the local communities. This crisp clear river’s name “Ojiro,” which translates as “white tail,” comes from an ancient myth in which a sacred white horse inhabited this beautiful forest of Hakushu and left its tail as a river.
Hakushu is best known as the home of Suntory Hakushu Distillery.

Water accounts for about 80% of sake. Shichiken uses water drawn from a subterranean river of Mt. Kaikoma, one of the highest mountains in the Southern Alps from which Japan’s most popular natural mineral water is produced. With an abundant supply of water, Hakushu is named after its alluvial fan composed of white granite sands polished by the rushing waters of the Ojiro River. The waters of Hakushu are incredibly soft and smooth and rich in minerals, embodying the perfect balance of nature. Inspired by this life-giving water and reflecting its exquisite taste and texture in sake, Shichiken pursues its philosophy of brewing sake in harmony with nature to resonate with you through a glass of sake.

Made with the Méthode Champenois, so we never added CO2 or the well know méthode Ancestral. The second fermentation went through in the bottle after adding extra yeast culture and sugar with some dégorgement at the end.

The Japan Awa sake Association is an incorporated association established in November 2016 by and for Japanese breweries with Yamanashi Meijo as a famous founder. The aim of the association is to constantly improve product quality, raise brand awareness, and expand to new markets. Only the products that comply with the strict association standards and pass our third-party quality control can receive the AWA SAKE certification.

One of the standards is that the AWA Sparkling sake needs to be clear and not cloudy, need to have minimum 3.6 bar pressure in the bottle and a second fermentation in the bottle. Mountain mist can’t be clear so this sake doesn’t fall in the category of AWA Sparkling sake.

Particles of rice dance in the glass like droplets of snow with tiny bubbles – reminiscent of the mists that adorn the peak of the nearby Mt. Kaikoma, the inspiration for this cloudy sake.  ‘Yama No Kasumi’ literally means ‘Mountain mist’. Discover some aromas of rare cheesecake, butter, pineapple and coconut cream. Super malty on the palate with a touch of salinity and a well-balanced refreshing sweetness. Depth and sophistication produce a velvety texture in the mouth. The long, umami-fueled finish leaves you thirsting for more. Enjoy on its own in a wine glass, or with food like Hawaiian pizza, or even in a cocktail or like DIM Dining with some blueberry sauce and sepia.



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