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Junmai Daiginjo – Onakaya Tobin Kakoi Junmai

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  • Brewery: Yamanashi Meijo, Hokuto
  • Prefecture: Yamanashi
  • Type: Junmai Daiginjo
  • Alc.: 16%
  • SMV: -2
  • Acidity: 1.5
  • Rice: Yamada-Nishiki
  • Polishing ratio: 37%
  • Yeast: /
  • Amino Acidity: 1.4
  • Serve temperature: 8-14°C
  • Foodpairing: Swiss Cheeses, Sashimi, Grilled lobster, vegetable dishes, Tempura
  • Net: 720 ml
  • Storage: Cool, dark & upright

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The pinnacle of elegance and intricacy for any occasion.

Yamanashi Meijo Inc.’s Shichiken is brewed in Hakushu, a town in Hokuto city, which means “northern forest.” Located in northern Yamanashi embraced by the majestic Southern Alps with Mt. Fuji gracing the horizon, 80% of Hakushu is untouched forest that is designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Flowing through the forest of Hakushu is the Ojiro River, one of Japan’s top 100 pristine waters that have long been treasured by the local communities. This crisp clear river’s name “Ojiro,” which translates as “white tail,” comes from an ancient myth in which a sacred white horse inhabited this beautiful forest of Hakushu and left its tail as a river.
Hakushu is best known as the home of Suntory Hakushu Distillery.

Water accounts for about 80% of sake. Shichiken uses water drawn from a subterranean river of Mt. Kaikoma, one of the highest mountains in the Southern Alps from which Japan’s most popular natural mineral water is produced. With an abundant supply of water, Hakushu is named after its alluvial fan composed of white granite sands polished by the rushing waters of the Ojiro River. The waters of Hakushu are incredibly soft and smooth and rich in minerals, embodying the perfect balance of nature. Inspired by this life-giving water and reflecting its exquisite taste and texture in sake, Shichiken pursues its philosophy of brewing sake in harmony with nature to resonate with you through a glass of sake.

Onakaya is the old trading name of the brewery. A juicy burst of tangerine wrapped in marshmallows opens this sweet, voluptuous satin-smooth sake rounded by a hint of bitterness. The centerpiece is an intricate flavor profile created by allowing the sake to drip out naturally from cotton bags instead of filtering by machine with external pressure which can create coarse flavors. Designed to be chilled and enjoyed in a wine glass on its own, or with dishes like cream stew, cheese, dried fruits, and salt-grilled eel.

Have you heard of Tobin-Kakoi? If you are a sake drinker and recognized “Daiginjo” as the top category and most expensive tier, let me tell you that Tobin-Kakoi is even better (the best of the best) and, naturally, the most expensive sake of the brewery (assuming that the brewery has the skill, passion, and facility to produce delicate Tobin-Kakoi).

So what is Tobin-Kakoi? Tobin literally means 18-liter glass bottles. Kakoi means to preserve. So, Tobin-Kakoi means sake preserved in 18-liter glass bottles. What is so exciting about sake kept in a large glass bottle? The sake preserved in the Tobin bottle is special. It is Shizuku (dripped) sake. It is called dripped sake because to make Shizuku sake, you cannot squeeze, but patiently wait for the sake to come down from the bag drop by drop by natural gravity. In other words, Shizuku is the best part of sake, and that is why it needs special care. The Shizuku sake is then preserved in 18-liter glass bottles (not 10,000-gallon stainless steel tanks) in a cool temperature where it is further aged until it is in perfect condition.

Here comes Tobin-Kakoi – the best of the best sake.

Silvery straw color. Aromas and flavors of mixed peppercorns, water crackers, kiwis in yogurt, and honey with a supple, crisp, fruity light-to-medium body and a warming, intriguing, medium-long finish revealing accents of sweet apple, nut brittle, and tangerine. A crisp, complex Junmai Daiginjo with enticing fruity aromas.

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