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Matcha whisk holder – Kusenaoshi

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This ceramic holder is the perfect fit for your “Chasen”, or bamboo whisk.

Made in Japan, this Chasen holder will ensure your bamboo whisk lives longer by allowing it to maintain its original shape.

Colour: Light Grey

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Use of the kusenaoshi is recommended to prolong the life of the Chasen.

Made of ceramic, the kusenaoshi holds the shape of the Chasen while it is drying after use. Bamboo whisks are consumable items. With use, the whisk tips eventually lose their shape. Also, after using the Chasen, many people make the unfortunate choice of storing it in the plastic case they bought it in, despite the fact that the case is for protecting the Chasen during shipping, not for storing it. -Storing it in the plastic case without having first dried it completely can trap moisture and lead to the development of mold.

This easy-to-clean ceramic matcha whisk holder helps your traditional bamboo whisk keep its shape as it dries – meaning no more bent bristles, a longer life for your whisk and a smoother cup of matcha green tea for you. Plus naturally air drying your whisk keeps it clean and helps prevent mould.

A properly shaped Chasen will consistently whisk better matcha and last much longer. After using your whisk, wash it with cold water and place it on the whisk stand, and let dry throughly. We recommend storing whisks in a cool place that is well ventilated. Go on – take a whisk.

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