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Matcha spoon – Chashaku

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Chashaku or matcha spoon made of bamboo. Designed to measuring the ideal amount of matcha powder for the perfect bowl of matcha.

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The chashaku was originally a Chinese innovation. They were originally intended as a standard, general dispensing spoon.

Early chashaku’s were made of metal and ivory, or some combination of the two. When the spoon design was introduced to Japan in the Muromachi period (circa the 14th and 15th century), it was utilized specifically as a tea powder spoon. However, the ivory ones were too delicate and the metal spoons were too wide.

Since then, chashaku’s were developed from other types of woods but most standard chashaku’s are made of bamboo. Design-wise, they are made of one narrow piece carved from bamboo. True tea masters in Japan are known to carve their own.There is also the consideration of tradition. Along with the other ceremonial tools used for cha-no-yu (tea ceremony), one truly gets a sense of what it was like to try matcha in its original, unfettered way.

Each bowl of matcha is like stepping back in time. Each scoopful of matcha is like a step on that journey back. The best part? It’s an easy journey to make.

You can find our whole collection of matcha powder & utilizes in our webshop straight from Japan.

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