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Hitachino Collection

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  • Brewery: Hitachino
  • Type: Lager, Belgian White Ale and DaiDai IPA
  • Prefecture: Ibaraki
  • Ingredients: multiple types of hops; multiple types of wheat
  • ABV: 5,5-7 %
  • Net: 320 ml each bottle
  • Taste: Sweet, fruity and bitter


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The Kiuchi Brewery started sake brewing in 1823 by Kiuchi Gihei, the headman of Kounosu village.
Since then the Kiuchi family has been brewing genuine, quality centered sake for 190 years.

Previously Japan had a strict alcohol tax law that only four large breweries were allowed to brew beers. The law was then relaxed allowing smaller breweries to brew beers in 1994, so they decided to start a small beer brewery. In the beginning they knew nothing about beer even though they have been brewing Japanese sake for centuries, so they have asked for some professionals at big beer manufacturers in Japan for advice on developing their business plan. After all the research, they have found out that the whole facility and training given by these professionals would cost hundreds of millions of yen.

They were almost obliged to give up the plan, then they found one website of a company called DME solutions who manufacture beer brewing facilities in Canada. As they continued searching online, there were many more websites in America, some even showed detailed information from how to homebrew all the way to how to set up a microbrewery. They contacted DME right way and as a result of having dozens of negotiations they finally purchased the facilities for more than a half price of what Japanese company offered.

Never give up is the message!

This collection package contains 3 different types of beer: Yellow Lager, White Ale, IPA.

  • Yellow Lager: Special Lager with fruity flavor and aroma.
  • White Ale: brewed with wheat malt, and flavored with coriander, orange peel and nutmeg, soft and flavorful taste.
  • IPA: fruity flavors and deep hop taste with a slight bitter aftertaste.
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