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Dragon Eye SNOW – Akatsuki

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  • Brewery: Akatsuki
  • Type: Pale Ale
  • Prefecture: Iwate
  • Ingredients: Organic hop, Organic malt
  • ABV: 5 %
  • Net: 350 ml

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Akatsuki Brewery was established in Kyodo, Setagaya Ward in 2016 as the first brewery in Setagaya. It is a small brewery, and brews unfiltered beer. Unfiltered beer has the advantage of being highly nutritious and rich in umami, but it is slightly different each time because the yeast continues to ferment.

Akatsuki Brewery currently has four beer products, including one named Dragon Eye.

During the limited period from late May to early June, the lake near the summit of Hachimantai melts and looks like the eyes of a dragon, hence the name Hachimantai Dragon Eye.

Akatsuki Brewery Hachimantai Factory’s beer is named Dragon Eye (Kagami-numa), a tourist attraction at the top of Hachimantai, in honor of the rich people and nature of Hachimantai.

Beer made by snow. This snow passes through the mountain forest and soaks deep into the earth.   After hundreds of years of travel, it becomes the preparation water of this beer as spring water. When the snow starts to melt, the dragon wakes up and a new season begins.

A dragon is a premonition of the beginning, a form of awakening

SNOW, an amazing Organic Pale Ale beer with a floral touch and elegant fruitiness.


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