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Shiro – Coedo Brewery

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  • Brewery: Coedo
  • Type: Wheat Beer
  • Prefecture: Saitama
  • Ingredients: Japanese malt and Japanese hops
  • ABV: 5.5 %
  • Net: 330 ml
  • Taste: refreshing, fruity

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When the land of the rising sun brews a German type beer. COEDO was founded by a family which started organic farming with the concept of “peace, safe, and delicious” early in 1970s in the city of Kawagoe, Japan. Where agriculture is one of the core industries for some hundreds years. There is a historical approach to keep the soil healthy by growing barley as a green manure in the area of Kawagoe, Saitama. The present organic farmers haven’t harvest the barley but just mix them into the soil for keeping their soils in good condition. “Are these barley able to be utilized to produce beers? “, this was the initial motive for letting them to start a brewery.

This Coedo shiro is a light and slightly bitter beer with a fine mousse. They  choose the Japanese word for white as a way to capture not only its bright color, but also its distinctively gentle character that is at once comforting and unique.


  • 2017 Australian International Beer Award Bronze Award
  • 2016 LA international beer competition Gold Award
  • 2013 Asia Beer Award Gold Award
  • 2007, 2011 iTQi Three Stars Award
  • 2008~2010 iTQi Two Stars Award in row
  • 2008 Monde Selection Gold Award
  • 2007 Monde Selection Silver Award
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