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Junmai Kimoto – Katori 90

 45 btw incl.

  • Brewery: Terada Honke, Chiba
  • Prefecture: Chiba
  • Type: Junmai Kimoto muroka genshu
  • Alc.: 20%
  • SMV: + 5
  • Acidity: 2.5
  • Rice: Koshi-hikari, yukigesho
  • Polishing ratio: 90%
  • Yeast: Natural Yeast
  • Amino Acidity: 1.1
  • Serve temperature: 8 – 12° C or 20 – 35°C
  • Foodpairing: Porkbelly, unagi, wagyu, rice based dishes
  • Storage: Cool, dark & upright
  • Net: 720 ml

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After our visit last year to his brewery, we fell in love with his whole range of modern sakes.

Masaru terada-san took his around on his rice fields, opens up all his bottles paired with some cooked dishes by his family.

The smell of the koji making through the brewery, with the songs of the kimoto starter has made our life perfect.

We can say Terada Honke, is one of the radical breweries of whole Japan. 25 years ago when he had a critical moment in the hospital he saw the light. No more additives to the fermentation straight back to the nature. Natural yeasts, biological rice, old fermentation starters, ….

Kimoto is the traditional method of propagating the air-borne wild lactic acid bacteria. In order to make it easier to gather wildlife lactic acid bacteria, the brewery workers use a tool called Kai to mix the mixture of steamed rice, water and Kobo. This process is called Yama-oroshi and requires great hard work and they have to do it every 3-4 hours night and day at the room temperature of 5 degrees Celcius where lactic acid bacteria are active and germs are inertia. The Sake using this hard-working process of Yama-oroshi is called Kimoto.

This version of Katori 90 is a sake that has been made a few centuries ago. True ‘liquid rice’ in taste, color and aroma. All ingredients and elements are premodern: organic rice, natural yeast, slow-brew kimoto, unfiltered. The ‘90’ in the name is the polishing percentage (seimaibuai) and indicates that the rice was also polished in a pre-modern way, merely 10%.
All this results in a very strong rice bran taste and lactobacillus acidity. Ideal with gamy meat or cheese dishes.

We invited him few months ago to DIM to do a sake dinner with us and we paired this Katori 90 with some beetroot koji fermented unagi.  Heaven!

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