On the 27th of November, we welcomed a select group of guests to an exclusive saké dinner. Our wine and saké expert Jonas Kellens brought out the most exquisite sakés, which were paired with an extraordinary menu, served for one night only. “Saké is an amazingly versatile drink, it's very elegant and complex at the same time.” Jonas explains. '“During this exclusive evening, we wanted to honor the saké philosophy by giving every glass the attention it deserves."

A special thanks also goes out to our Dim Dining partners, Yoigokochi Sake Importers and Heilig Hart Brouwerij. Dick Stegewerns, co-founder of Yoigokochi Sake Importers, attended our dinner and shared his knowledge with the attendees. He is an associate professor in Japan Studies at the University of Oslo, speaks Japanese fluently and specializes in 'Junmai Saké', so he definitely brought extra insights to the evening. Hans Dusselier of Heilig Hart Brouwerij is Dim Dining’s main supplier and well known for his pure and natural selections of saké, wine and beer.

In short, the surprising sakés, outstanding menu and beautiful setting formed the perfect combination. Our amazing guests, partners and the Dim Dining team made sure it was an unforgettable evening. Take a look at the event pictures for an impression of the night.