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Junmai Daiginjo - Kinmare Muroka

 159 btw incl.

  • Brewery: Sakuramasamune, Kobe
  • Prefecture: Hyogo
  • Type: Junmai Daiginjo
  • Alc.: 15,5%
  • SMV: +2
  • Acidity: 1.3
  • Rice: Toku-A, Yamadanishiki
  • Polishing ratio: 35%
  • Yeast: Kyokai No. 1
  • Amino Acidity: 1.4
  • Serve temperature: 8-12°C
  • Foodpairing: Sushi, Sashimi’s, raw seafood
  • Net: 720 ml
  • Storage: Cool, dark & upright

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The most premium sake of the Sakuramasamune brewery is the Kinmare Muroka. Founded in 1625, the brewery is the origins of many sake-related matters – sake names that ends with “Masamune’, Miyamizu (water suited for sake brewing) and Kyokai No.1 yeast, just to name a few. The mission is to preserve and hand down the 400 years of sake-brewing history and tradition for the next 100 years to come.

This rare sake is meticulously crafted by hand and only untilizes 35% of the core hand polished premium Yamadanishiki rice that has grown on the best fields in their region & was fermented with the famous “Miyamizu’ water from Kobe.

Melon aroma and palate that fades to unimaginable weight, smoothness and exquisite balance. With his Muroka style so this sake didn’t get a charcoal filtration it would give you the real style of sake without loosing small aroma’s and show you the real color of sake.

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